Eminent Domain

Light Rail Right of Way

001  PortlandMilw LtRail ROW Budget 12108Portland to Milwaukie MAX Orange Line (TriMet)



Trail Easement

002 THPRD Trail 10135Public trail for Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, Bethany



Intersection Safety Project

003  Deschutes ROW 09124Highway 97, Bend (ODOT)



Flowage Easements

004 FlowageEasement_Moses Lake 12128Flowage easements through a subdivision, Moses Lake (US Bureau of Reclamation)



High Voltage Transmission Line

005  BPA ROW P1350903_USDOJ 14140Power line easement through wheat farms, Goldendale (US Department of Justice)



Light Rail Right of Way

South Waterfront Station, MAX Orange Line (TriMet)