Yellow Book

Federal Land Exchange

001 Columbia River Central Wash Fed XC Dyk14120Recreational land, Columbia River, Grant County (US Bureau of Reclamation)



Indian Treaty Rights Land

002 Indian Treaty Rights Columbia Rvr Dallesport 0912766 acre recreational tract, Columbia River, Dallesport (US Army Corps of Engineers)



Recreational & Timberland

003 DSCN3498 15131314 acre view tract, Ashland (BLM)



Wetland & Estuary

004 P1210809 beltz wetland 14126360 acres of shorefront, estuary, rural residential, and timberland, Tillamook County (Oregon State Parks)



Retreat Center

005 Nestucca Bay jesuit 1110493 acre retreat facility on Nestucca Bay (Nature Conservancy)



Shorefront Recreational Tract

006 Whalen 13132Whalen Island, 179 acres of sand dunes, shoreline, and mud flats (Oregon State Parks)



Timber & Tidelands

007  Lower Columbia River Knappton 11115119 acres of uplands & 320 acres tidelands, Pacific County (Land Trust)


Before & After

008 Wallicut P1140416 1014258 acre acquisition from 113 acre tract on Baker Bay, Pacific County (Land Trust)


Before & After

009 CLT Chinook Wet 1011880 acre acquisition from 225 acre shoreline and wetland tract, Baker Bay, Pacific County (Land Trust) 


Ocean Beachfront

010 P1210723 beltz shoreline  14126One mile of shorefront, 360 acres of dunes, tidelands, rural residential, and timberland, Tillamook County (Oregon State Parks)


Vineyard-capable Land

011 13133 Uhtoff277 acres in Dundee AVA (American Viticultural Area), Conservation buyer


Park Acquisition

012 Columbia Riverfront Pac Co NPS The Rock 11121"The Rock," Columbia River recreational parcel, Pacific County (National Park Service) 


Farm, Floodplain, Wetland

013 Tualatin NWR P1190016 Fruin 1313527 acre farm along Ayers Creek, Gaston (US Fish & Wildlife)


Flooded Pasture

014 Flooded Farm Glenwood 11103105 acre seasonally inundated pasture, Klickitat County (US Fish & Wildlife)


Riverfront Recreation & Timber Tract

015 Punchbowl 15106103 acre Punchbowl Tract at the confluence of east & west forks of the Hood River (Conservation buyer)